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YWCA Haiti members are women and men committed to supporting the vision, purpose and values of the World YWCA and YWCA Haiti so that Haitian women become agents of change, achieving through their leadership universal access to education, security, peace and health.

The members agree to pay an annual membership fee of 8,000 HTG, to respect the values of the World YWCA and the code of ethics of the YWCA Haiti and to promote the activities of the YWCA Haiti in their entourage.


Every two years, the YH organizes its board elections. The board is composed of 11 members, all women, ranging from 23 to 75 years old, with various backgrounds. The YH board also has members coming from the communities they deserve to stay in contact with the reality of their needs.

YWCA Haiti is governed by the policies established by its members and is headed by a Board of Directors constituted of 11 members, 3 of whom are former beneficiaries of the programs. As an affiliate member of the World YWCA, the YH must respect the WYWCA standards of good governance and contribute to the achievement of their objectives. 


The Board meets monthly with the executive staff to discuss the programs and advise on good practices, making sure that the mission and vision of the YH is always taken into consideration in the decision-making process. The meeting agenda is submitted by the executive director who represents the staff implementing the programs and plays an intermediary role between them and the board. All decisions regarding partnerships, organizational goals and strategies to be put in place to attain them are taken with the Board’s approval. The board members are voted every 2 years by general assembly of the YWCA Haiti members. 

Women who wish to join the board can contact the YH office to receive more information.


The YH has two side committees that help in the sustainability of the programs:

  • The educational committee is responsible for working on progressive and innovative ways to structure the educational, health and training programs and services.

  • The fundraising committee: is responsible for structuring fundraising activities in the long and short term and coming up with modern ways to have income-generating activities, working on the institutions’ financial autonomy.

People who wish to join the YH committees can access contact us for a registration form.


The YH welcomes around 20 to 25 volunteers per year, at various levels: administrative, support staff, trainers, professional consultations, artists, teachers, and others.


Most of the volunteers get involved in direct activities with the participants and communities.



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