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Recap on the first cohort of the Leadership Academy Program 2023

First cohort of the Leadership Academy Program 2023: "Influential Woman"?

The first training cohort (Influential Woman) for the year 2023 began on March 18th and ended on April 29th, 2023. More than 90 participants from at-risk regions of Pétion-Ville and Martissant registered for 6 weeks of training. Sixty of them successfully completed the training cycle obtaining a certificate of completion. During this session, the participants were trained on the following modules: Self Esteem, Human Rights, Eco-Citizenship, SSR, GBV, Professional Development, Leadership & Entrepreneurship. In addition to the topics covered, the Leadership Academy training team shared new concepts through short-themed sessions of Musical Therapy and “Training to Train”. Overall, the YH has been for many a space of discovery, learning, and blooming… and for others a family and a place of both learning and transformation. During the closing ceremony they did not shy away from sharing their artistic and cultural talents by showcasing a series of presentations but also their recognition through their testimonies (found below). Once more, it was a great learning experience, and we could not be prouder of these Women of Influence!

Participants Testimonial

1. “When I first came to the YH, I honestly didn’t think I would come to a family. The YH has become like my home, and I have learned a lot. I like the work they are doing. With what I have taken, I have become more responsible, I believe more in myself, in my potential and I want to take it to share it. I am glad I followed this training. I would like to thank everyone because during these 6 sessions I learned a lot.”

2. “When they told me about the training program, I said yes without giving it much thought. But from the first day I gained a new idea of it and fell in love with every Saturday training. The YH has made a lot of changes in my life. There are things I ignored, I’m just applying them now and I can tell you that I started to think differently and see things differently. I like the work very much and I promise I will share what I learned with others. I managed to make another family without realizing it.”

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