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Q1-2023 Quarterly Recap

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

January - March 2023

Dear Friends,

The YH is thrilled to share with you its first ever issue of the Quarterly Recap! a tri-monthly summary of all activities, events, and happenings at the YH.

This first quarter of 2023 has been a heavy one but an exciting one as well. On an administrative level, the team has been working diligently seeking funding opportunities and securing financing and modernizing internal ways of work. In an effort to network and build meaningful partnerships, the YH took part in two major events: in January, the APSHY Summit on psychology in Cap Haitian and in March, the CSW67 conference in New York where two of our representatives took part in important discussions around the theme of “Innovation and technological change, and education in the digital age for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls”.

We are happy to announce that our annual One Pager Summary for the year 2022 has been published. You may view it here.

Also, the membership campaign was launched on March 4th. Get involved and join the YH family to take part in meaningful change.

Youth Center

In the month of January, the Youth Center launched registrations for the year 2023 and welcomed over 100 girls ages 5 to 18 to the center. Throughout the past three months, the following activities have been accomplished:

  • Academic reinforcement and afterschool support

  • In partnership with HELP, a tutoring program was launched to assist and support unscholarized girls with their literacy capacities and overall academic performance

  • The YC team has developed and finalized its action plan for the year 2023

  • In February, the YC team hosted the first parent-mentor meeting of the year where parents of participants visited the center and were briefed on objectives and activities planned for the year

  • The Safe Space program has hosted a series of workshops on the monthly themes of Emotional Intelligence and Girls and Women’s Rights

  • Various cultural celebrations were marked:

    • For Valentine’s Day, participants wrote anonymously words of appreciation to their peers and staff members

    • For Carnaval, mentors and participants presented a history of Carnaval and viewed a projection on the various carnivals of the world

    • For the International Day of Girls and Women’s Rights, participants took part in a presentation on the history of the women’s rights movement in Haiti and a few performances around the theme

Leadership Academy

March 2023 marked the beginning of another exciting year for the Leadership Academy welcoming the first of three cohorts of young women. This year’s cohort name is “Influential Women” with the mission of “Acting to Influence”. 86 participants from Pétion-Ville and its surroundings as well as from the community of Martissant will take part in this intensive 5-week training on the following themes:

- Self Esteem

- Human Rights and Eco-Citizenship

- Reproductive & Sexual Health

- Gender Based Violence

- Professional Development

- Leadership and Entrepreuneurship

As a part of the LA, the Training of Trainers program has also started back up again where 22 previously selected (back in June 2022) participants of the LA will participate in the second phase of their program: the Observation and Intervention Internships. Through this rigorous training, these young women will be prepared and equipped with key tools and knowledge allowing them to become mentors and replicate their training in their communities.

What's Next?

A few things to look forward to:

  • Regular activities are set to continue at the Youth Center: after school support on weekdays and life skills training "safe space program" on Fridays and Saturdays.

  • Tutoring and Academic reinforcement will continue to be provided to participants

  • In total 240 young women are to participate in the 2023 Leadership Academy. program. This year’s cohorts are the “Influential Women”.

  • The second phase of the Training of Trainers program has started. 22 young women from the leadership training program will participate in internships of observation and intervention on creating, developing, and facilitating workshop sessions.

  • The YH’s annual Flea Market (the first of two) is set to take place in May.

  • Stay tuned for the closing ceremony of the first LA cohort set to happen end of April.

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