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A review of the two final Leadership Academy Cohorts for the year 2023

As part of the Leadership Academy Program, we carried out our last two training cohorts for the year 2023 during the months of October to December 2023. Self-esteem, Human rights, Ecocitizenship, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Gender based Violence, Professional Development, Leadership & Entrepreneurship, are the themes covered within the framework of these training courses. 232 participants expressed interest in participating in this training, 157 of them actually participated of which 144 completed the training cycle and received their certificate. The participants did not hesitate in sharing their gratitude and the impact that these training sessions had in their lives. Many of them claimed to have accessed this information for the very first time and believe that their capacities have been strengthened because of it; they also feel more equipped to deal with the difficulties they face on a daily basis, determined to fight for the full realization of their dream, and ready to help resolve certain problems observed within their communities. It is in a cultural atmosphere, in a climate of promoting the talents of our participants that we were able to close each of our two training cohorts of Influential Women.

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